Re: Milwaukee - Fowler clones


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If you add a fish belly underframe and make up an original USRA roof you can make a Frisco rebuilt car from the Tichy kit. Jerry Glow makes decals for this car. He also makes an excellent P&LE decal set if you want to build the kit 'out of box'. The NYC ran into the midwest (at least they ran into St. Louis). If you want photos of the Frisco car I made just let me know.. I also have the Tichy car with Jerry's P&LE decals if you'd like photos of it as well.

As to the Fowler boxcar, i've built the DRGW car it makes into a nice model and is a good interchange car.

Charlie Duckworth

Thanks Charlie - I just might end up doing the D&RGW cars,

Dave Schroedle

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