Re: Tichy rebuilt USRA boxcar

Richard Hendrickson

On Jan 24, 2013, at 1:41 PM, Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...> wrote:
Earl Tuson wrote:
"Can you provide references than show that the USRA DS cars had wider roofs than

USRA SS cars? Drawings of the the cars in CBC's do not support your statement."

Interesting! A common roof for both the wider DS and more narrow SS cars.
Pending any objections from Al Westerfield, I'll defer to your CBC findings.
Ben, Earl, and others. I distinctly recall Al Westerfield saying, when he produced his kits for the USRA box cars, that the published drawings did not accurately represent the cars as built, based on the builders' photos. I don't know whether the errors included the dimensions under discussion - maybe Al will chime in here - but he asserted at that time that not only the drawings in the Cycs but drawings based on them (e.g., by Bob Hundman) and used by manufacturers of other models were wrong. So be cautious. As Chuck Yungkurth, a draftsman of many years experience, used to warn us periodically, changes were often made at the last minute, or on the shop floor, and the drawings were never corrected.

Richard Hendrickson

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