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Richard and group,I am beyond just building styrene kits.I was making
reference to resin.I do feel that those who market resin kits have filled an
unmet need for hobbyist.The technology has vastly improved since Dennis
released his line of resin cars.I am sure you have seen what Al Westerfield
and Marty have done to improve upon their earlier offerings also.The one
piece body has taken the" westerfear" away.I ,like many, enjoyed building
-early Sunshine ,F&C and Sunshine cars ,infact they make up a very large

percentage of my total roster-.Armand Premo--- Original Message -----
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Armand Premo wrote:

What do we really need next? My vote would be for a Rutland signature
box car in both single and door and a half versions.It would be a big
seller.Armand Premo
To which Ted Culotta responded:

Probably not going to happen - not enough sales. However, the resin
patterns are out there gathering dust. Des Plaines Hobbies has them and
for some reason doesn't use them. I still think that more people need
to put some pressure on Ron Sebastian to try to convince him to
re-release all the Storzek kits.
I couldn't agree more, Ted. Dennis's pattern work was superb and his
resin kits still compare favorably with what's now on the market. And, as
you say, it's a safe bet that no sane manufacturer would do Rutland box
cars in styrene. "Big sellers?" Not a chance. Armand (and many other
modelers) apparently still don't understand the economics of producing
injection-molded plastic models; professional tooling for a typical
car model costs
$50K and up (mostly up) before a single part comes out of the molds. Then
there are significant additional expenses for painting, lettering,
packaging (and these days for assembly as well, since many buyers want
built-ups instead of kits) before a single sale gets rung up. Talk about
risk capital! You'd be better off economically putting your $$ in hog
futures. It's almost miraculous that there are as many good styrene kits
on the market as there are.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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