Re: installation of sound in HO gauge Kato NW-2

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I would suspect that Clark meant "weak moment"... monument may well be a spell-check error.

Bill Daniels
San Francisco, CA

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What is a "weak monument" model? plaster?

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Several years ago I paid a fellow near Rochester NY, I beelieve in
Webster NY, to install a decoder in an HO gauge Kato NW-2. He milled
the frame and did the complete installation. I think his buisness is
"Empire" something. I subsequently sold the model, not because of
any problems, but because I no longer needed it. Hugh T. Guillaume

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I need to pay someone to install sound in a Kato NW2 I reluctantly
traded for.

I would like to sell three built up resin kits that are
‘working’ models. These cars are “weak monument” purchases
and don’t meet my criteria for layout models.

They are:
CN 414593 Box Fowler 36' Westerfield
GA 19522 Box Reblt 40' Speedwitch
T&NO 39487 Box SS DD 40' Speedwitch

Here’s a list of M&StL cars that are too new for my modeling period.
M&StL 2612 Box Rebuilt DF 40' 8' door Red Cab
M&StL 15006 Flat TOFC with trailer Proto2k
M&StL 51546 Box Fowler 40' Westerfield
URTX 4810 Reefer Composite Tyco Kitbash
URTX 4832 Reefer Composite Tyco Kitbash

For photos and pricing please contact me off list at: cepropst@...
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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