Re: More New Nastiness in 3D Resin Printing

Bob Sterner

I recently worked up some HO concrete railings (appropriate for steam era layouts) and described them on my blog:

Photos of the models are included there.

Bob Sterner
St. Paul, MN

--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor wrote:

Sort of... I am more interested in a photo of the actual part,
and not a drawing of what it would ideally look like.

Tim O'Connor

This link takes you to MMC Design on the Model Shapeways site. The
items are 1/35th scale for Sherman tanks. I think the Periscope
guards are particularly interesting in terms of what is possible.

Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622

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