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While both gentlemen are quite correct there is a "Yes but . . . ". The brakes to which both gentlemen refer were indeed brakes with a vertical staff but in both cases at the bottom of that shaft was a geared mechanism for the purpose of multiplying the force applied to the hand wheel. In the tank car's case the hand brake was not "drop-shaft" but Bill is referring to "drop-shaft" hand brakes albeit geared hand brakes.

Gene Green
These "geared at the bottom of the brake staff" hand brakes were used on a limited number of house cars. The original 1932 AAR cars had them, as did the cars of that design bought by the Soo Line in 1936. The Soo had used the same on some single sheathed cars built in the twenties. The gear reduction mechnaism was quite small, nowhere near the size of say, and Ajax housing, and is easily missed at the bottom of the staff, under the end. There are a couple good photos of one style on a Milwaukee Road boxcar on page 32 of Focus on Freight Cars, Vol.I by Hendrickson.


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