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the other address is for an out of business company I no longer work for. Thanks.

Bill Mosteller

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Try Bill Mosteller at _wmosteller@..._
(mailto:wmosteller@...) Great Decals.
Chuck Hladik

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As a modeler in the minority scale of S and of the time period 1952-53, I
am always looking for decal suppliers whose product accurately represents
cars one saw during those years. Two on whom I have relied in the past
seemed to have disappeared:

First, Tom Stolte apparently stopped producing decals. That was bad
enough. Second, more recently Jerry Glow, who has produced a repertoire of
offerings representing cars from the time period of interest, seems to be silent.

These two individuals offered a quality product at a reasonable price.
Yes, I know about Greg Komar, who also offers decals from this era, but he
does not offer the extensive inventory the previous to individuals had. I am
wondering whether someone out there might know of others who create a
product equal to the quality for which Tom and Jerry were known.

Tom Baker

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