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Please pass my sincere condolences to the family. Martin will be sorely
missed. I am glad that Tricia plans to continue the company, however.


Brian Ehni

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Date: Friday, February 1, 2013 12:28 PM
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Subject: [STMFC] Sunshine Models

I am putting this notice on the list as Tricia Lofton asked me to do because
many of their loyal customers are on this list, and she thinks you should
all be notified. As most of you have been friends of theirs for many years
and have supported Sunshine Models over the years Tricia just would like to
Hopefully Mike will forgive me for posting this.
Charlie Slater
Martin Lofton of Sunshine models passed away on January 4, 2013 after
several months of illness. We are continuing to fill orders with available
inventory. Some customers will receive only a partial order and a refund. If
no inventory of any of the order exists, the checks will be returned.
All Available kits in the first increment of kits to be eliminated will be
shipped in the next four weeks. Some customers will only recieve a partial
order and a refund for the rest. There was a large response to the
announcement of this close out and several casting runs were necessary. Many
customers have been waiting for months, Sunshine regrets the delay. We still
have a few of these four kits for sale; Kits 17.5, 17.6, 18.2 and 18.5 and
please order them by mail as usual and not over the phone.
A second increment of more closeout kits to be eliminated will be announced
in the coming months. They will be in the 20 series such as the MTD reefer,
the meat reefers and CB&Q XA-7, XA-8, XA-11 and XA-11A raised roof and
possibly others.
If you want to contact Sunshine, please write instead of calling. It isn't
possible to both take care of company business and spend time on the phone.
Your patience would be appreciated.
Thank you to all our friends
Tricia Lofton

Tricia lofton told me that she does not want to close down the business and
would like to continue offering their kits. At this time she is looking for
someone to do the casting for Sunshine and she will package and sell them.

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