Re: Viscous rumour time

Nathan Obermeyer


Well good for you. You are so much better than I. You asked about new cars and I posted what is published in the magazine. Let me check again. Nope. No tank car.


--- In, "Pierre" wrote:

I think I know the difference between an Autoflood hopper and an X-3 tankcar.
But thanks
Pierre Oliver

--- In, "Nathan" wrote:


There is an ad on the back of the March 2013 Model Railroader for a new car for Exactrail. It is a HO scale Autoflood II aluminum open hopper. I would imagine this car is way too late for the topic of this group. Their blog mentions three new car releases.


--- In, Pierre Oliver wrote:

Morning troops!
Can anyone shed any light on the rumour I'm hearing that Exactrail is
releasing RTR X-3 cars soon?

Pierre Oliver

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