Re: Sunshine Models

Dave Sarther

"Martin was ever the gentle gentleman - also kind and courteous. He also happened to be a wonderful contributor to model railroading. We should remember, and emulate, these qualities which Martin continuously showed in all of his dealings with us.
We certainly will miss both types of his contributions to model railroading.
Ken Montero "

Well said Ken. My wife has always reminded me, "It is not what you say or do that others ultimately remember, but how you made them feel. " In every encounter I had with Martin he made me feel that I had 100% of his attention. He was a great listener and model for all of us. Martin concistently made everyone he came into contact with feel better for the experience.

I would like to join everyone in extending my condolences to Tricia, Martin's children and grandchildren and his Sunshine Family who helped make all the models available for all of us for so many years. The Naperville Seminars are but a small part of Martin's legacy.

Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ


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