Re: Revell Flatcar

Tim O'Connor

I've always liked the two Concor variants of this car -- one was a
calcium carbide cannister flat, and the other a model of an N&W log
flat. I've never figured out how to mass produce the cannisters so
I could build the car with a load... These variants are probably the
best choice for kitbashes, since they have no stake pockets.

Tim O'Connor

If this is the same tooling that Con-Cor used, then it is very close if not actually a CB&Q flat. I used the Con-Cor model to build a CB&Q car based on an article somewhere, mainly removing cast-on details and replacing them with stand off grabs, sturdy metal sill steps, etc and weathering the deck. This was in the early or mid-1990s.

Bill Welch

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