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Thanks, Al. I know Byron did the masters for your PRR X23 kit, and they were outstanding (I really need to build mine someday...)

Bill Daniels
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Bill – Byron is still around. I trade DVDs of movie musicals with him. He’s been busy doing some house renovations (he’s an architect) and hasn’t done much modeling in a while. I did the casting for his flat car and others but that was long ago. H hasn’t put out a new kit in at least 10 years. - Al Westerfield

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Your comment makes me wonder... is Pittsburgh Scale Models (Byron Rose) still around? I've got one of his flatcar kits here, and Byron mentions a scale-sized coupler pocket.

Bill Daniels
San Francisco, CA

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Hello Scott,

Your notes to the list made me dig out my Blue Line copy of my article in
Mainline Modeler.

At the time I was like you and owned one of the cars and wasn't sure
exactly what I should do with it and at the time I figured I owned it and it
would be a shame not to create something believable out of it. So I did some
research on the car from past articles I could find and at that point
contacted Richard Hendrickson and he told me that the car closely represented the
ARR 50-ton flat but it was old tooling and told me that Pittsburgh Scale
Models has actually a better option for fidelity to scale. But he told me
that the car could be refined.

So the article was my way of making Chicken Soup from Chicken Poop you
might say as not long after the article broke I got a call from the folks at
Life Like announcing that they were releasing the kit in HO Scale very soon,
go figure.

The major issues that plague the car are the underframe and the fact that
the bolster sets too high, and the lack of and end sill (Revell had Talgo
couples and they didn't need any sticking end sill). The article focuses on
the Kit-smashing and how I dealt with the issues. I am happy to have the car
in my fleet and it has been in Cocoa Beach and at Naperville several times
and albeit no Life Like it is here to stay.

The question is, if you own it do you want to re-had it? I look at projects
like this as a not-so-very-high-priority, but if the if the spirit moves
me, well... And doing it might inspire someone else who has the model to do
the same.

Greg Martin

Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

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Going through a box of old stuff, I came across an old Revell flatcar body
about 54 feet long. Is this car representative of any prototype? I haven't
found anything but the body- no frame. If this car is worth fixing up,is
there a current flatcar model that would have the correct type of frame for
this car?

Scott Haycock
Modeling Tarheel country in the Land of Enchantm ent
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