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Good morning Gene and Group,

Just for the recordů I have seen a similar operationů in fact, I have been one of the shovelers.

In this case the sand was shoveled to the open drop bottom hatch -- most were blocked in the closed position -- where it fed into a hopper that dropped the sand onto a belt conveyor that lifted it over a concrete wall into a storage area at a building supply outfit. This in northeast Oklahoma on a hot summer day. A tough -- but honest -- way for a couple of high school kids to earn some "date" money.

Thanks for the memory.

Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

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Another neat Jack Delano photo taken on the AT&SF in 1943 - Needles, Calif., according to the caption.
Some neat cars are visible, including some interesting gondola loads.

No landing craft on flatcars though . . .
Marty McGuirk
Interesting photo. Looks like the gents in foreground are shoveling sand out of a drop-bottom parked on an elevated trestle? (Would there be any other kind of trestle?) Can someone more Santa Fe-knowledgeable confirm or refute?

I ask because I can't ever recall seeing such an operation before.

Gene Green

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