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Sure looks like they are unloading sand. If so, it will be taken to a dryer before it can be loaded into the dome.

Before seeing this I was under the (apparently mistaken) thought that all of the Santa Fe's older wooden boxcars were gone before the start of WW II. But at first I see at least two older wooden boxcars... maybe more.


Bill Daniels
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I noted that right away too. Looks like maybe locomotive sand?

Love the steam shovel and the scraper. Further down that string is a bulldozer with an A-frame - perhaps all destined for a construction project together?

Lot of tank cars, but scattered, not all in strings. The insulated 3 dome car in the front string... wine car?

The gons appear to have temporary sides made up of a variety of things and containing?



Bruce F. Smith

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On Feb 4, 2013, at 8:41 AM, Gene wrote:

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Another neat Jack Delano photo taken on the AT&SF in 1943 - Needles, Calif., according to the caption.
Some neat cars are visible, including some interesting gondola loads.

No landing craft on flatcars though . . .
Marty McGuirk

Interesting photo. Looks like the gents in foreground are shoveling sand out of a drop-bottom parked on an elevated trestle? (Would there be any other kind of trestle?) Can someone more Santa Fe-knowledgeable confirm or refute?

I ask because I can't ever recall seeing such an operation before.

Gene Green

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