Re: Revell Flatcar

Bill Welch

So the ruling is the Revell/Con-Cor flat will not yield an good model of a CB&Q flat car? I remember being quite happy with mine after the modifications I made.

Bill Welch

--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor wrote:


I think the standards of "very close" have changed in 26 years. :-)
Sometimes it's painful to go back in old magazine issues and see
what got documented as 'matching' this or that prototype.

Tim O'

There's an article in the November 1987 issue of MODEL RAILROADING magazine
on upgrading the Revell/Con-Con HO model. The article says it's very
close to some CB&Q, CGW, NKP and C&O prototypes with plain stake pockets and
to a ATSF car with three ribs on each stake pocket, and very close to a
welded GN car.
Steve Johnson

Steve or Scott,

Could one of you guys advise the class or number series of the ATSF flat
referred to in the 11/87 issue of Ding, please.

Dave North

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