Re: No more dimensional Foobies? 3D scan - print

Schuyler Larrabee

Yeah, well, not quite. Unless you want a specific model of THAT particular
car. I’ve looked into this and the scanning guy noted that any (and I mean
ANY) imperfection in the car to be scanned would be reproduced. The car I
was suggesting was a caboose in a display, which needed some TLC and some
repairs. His comment was that the scanning would reproduce the rotting side
sheathing right next to the steps on the cupola end of the car. And the
broken window frame on the cupola. And the LARGE dent in the tank on the
underframe. If I wanted a model of THAT car in THAT condition on THAT day,
sure, have at it. But if I was thinking this was a way to get a
reproducible car that could go in a box (“less trucks and couplers”) that I
would have to do a good deal of nit-picky fixing of the scan or all 300 (or
whatever run) of them would be exactly the same with exactly all the same

Also, your accuracy isn’t feasible. Perhaps at ¼”accuracy, prototype, which
reduces down to about .003” at HO scale. But .02mm would create a file so
large that you’d need a Cray to run it, and probably a finer printer than
currently exists.


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In the not so distant future:
- Scan surviving 1:1 prototype freight car at 0.02mm accuracy...
- Select scale... and material...
- Hit "Print"

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

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