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List,I neglected to mention that the Rutland cars that I previously
referred to ,were of a NYC design,albeit with different ends.They were to be
found throughout the NYC System( ie Michigan Central) The NKP also had
some.Several other roads bought them second hand.AP

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Armand Premo wrote:
Richard and group, I am beyond just building styrene kits. I was
making reference to resin.

Point taken, and 500 cars would be a nice run for resin kits (plus
replenishing our stock of R/NEB&W boxcars at RPI); however, Greg
Martin's post that you responded to was in reference to PLASTIC kits.

Also, could everyone edit down or omit the original message when
responding to a post? It helps to cut down the clutter when reading
posts. Thanks.

Ben Hom

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