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Gentlemen, I did a quick check and found no connection between Warren Petroleum and Anchor Petroleum. In fact Anchor is not listed in my Moody's 1949. Also, in the ORER the addresses are not the same. This doesn't necessarily mean that there is NO connection. It just means I haven't found one yet. Also, two cars lettered Warren doesn't sound too bad to me. If one is good, two is better (?). Anchor, in 10/47 was a small outfit. Only 56 cars, all ICC 105's. Post WW 2 the LPG business was booming, so we all need these cars. FHP

Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 14:00:52 +0000
Subject: [STMFC] Re: Styrene Tank Car candidate (and a resin nomination)

I have a photo of a Warren car with the same look as Tom's tank and dome casting, including the rim around the top of the dome. My question is since I already have the Sunshine car painted for Warren (and Cities Service), is their another scheme I can apply. I purchased a set of "Anchor" decals from Jerry Glow gambling I might be able to used them. Does anyone have a suggested owner for Tom's tank other than Warren?

BTW, were Warren and Anchor related in some way? The lettering used by both companies is so similar, it seems they might have been affiliated in some way.

Bill Welch

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Hi Tom,
I think that you mean the Sunshine #36 series ACF insulated tank cars. I
have built 3 of the Sunshines, one of which is a Warren, plus the tank body
I acquired from you. Yours is noticeably larger. I have not yet painted
the car I created from your tank and, now that I see the difference, I am
wondering if there is an issue.
Bill Darnaby
On a related tank car note, can someone who has one of the Warren tank
bodies I marketed a year ago and one of Sunshine's #31 series tank car kits
with the wrapper & pipe construction tell me if it's the same tank? If so, I
can make more of them for replacements in those kits.
Tom Madden
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