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I have quite a few of the box cars kits from the gray material days that I was able to successfully build without a lot of angst. Much more enjoyable to build than some of the early Sunshine or F&C Urethane kits. The only Westerfield kit that I threw in the towel on was the NYC 70 ton hopper car. Everytime I touched it something else broke. I finally decided that if I ever wanted to model a derailment scene with wrecked cars in it, that car would be the first to go in it.

I still have several of the dark gray kits running on the layout. His B&A steel boxcar and a couple of the MP 40' automobile cars. I remember using wood floor stock on the interior of the sides to get them straight and it gave me more surface to attach the ends to. The gray resin seemed to eat my drill bits though. I recently finished the GN truss rod boxcar and the NC&StL 36' boxcar in the gray resin. They are a enjoyable build next up is the new RI stock car.

Charlie Duckworth

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Had two of them from e-bay  a USRA single sheathed and a three bay hopper. Box
car had crackin side I managed to fix. Hopper car I couldn't get together was
warped. Most frustrating kit I ever tried to assemble ended up pitching it in
trash. That material was tough to work with.

Doug Pillow

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