Re: (was)Tichy rebuilt USRA boxcar DIVERSION (is) useful template?

Mark Stamm


Final got to read your blog post on the Tichy 4021. Very nicely done I hope
you will continue to pull more kits off the shelf.


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Easy for you to say if you're not the one doing the work. Why don't you
take a
crack at it yourself?

Ben Hom
Ben and others,

I was stimulated by the idea and did take a little tiny initial crack at a
variant of it. This isn't implemented as a spreadsheet, because I wanted a
more pictorial format, but it is my first attempt at composing a kit profile
(not a review!) that provides a description of what's inside the box and
what it might become. I'd be interested in reactions to the utility of this
initial post which I hope can develop into a series. It deals with the Tichy
40' 50 ton flat car.


Charles Hostetler

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