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Scott H. Haycock

Actually, this would be something you could do with an inkjet. The artwork could be done in a variety of programs. With lettering this small, a 'close enough' computer font could be found. The trick would be matching the paint of the steps close enough with you printer. Most drawing programs have a 64 color standard pallet. One of these colors should be a reasonably close match.
Paint a swatch of your step color, or fill a box, depending on your program. Type your text over this in black and check your font point size for scale, etc. Once you're satisfied, turn the font color to white. In the properties box, click on "always on top" and print on white decal paper. Of course, seal the decal before using!

Scott Haycock
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I think some of the Microscale decal sets have this. This was common wording above the pilot steps on many locomotives.

Sure would be nice to have an ALPS printer, or something like it (that can print white), to whip up something like this when you need it.

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