Re: 3D printing challenges etc.

Robert kirkham

I've not heard of it. Say more please . . .


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Subject: [STMFC] Re: 3D printing challenges etc.

Has anyone tried 123D from Autodesk for generating STL files? It seems to be targeted at the same market as sketchup, but given that it presumably includes some of Inventor's core, it might be less susceptible to the leak problems?

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well, I can't disagree with you Dennis.

To answer the "other software" question, I use two programs - both free - to
convert and scale a Sketchup file. So first I export a sketchup file as a
3d model. Then I import the 3d model file into Meshlab, open it and export
it as an STL file. Then in Accutrans I open the STL file and scale it. I
know there are less clunky ways but I learned this in the early days of
Shapeways services, when Rene Gourley was the only one I knew who had tried
it. He put me onto these softwares - they were specifically recommended by
Shapeways. They work, so I haven't learned a better way - which I know
others on this list have done.


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