Re: Watch Your Step decals

Tim O'Connor

That lettering can be found in several forms in various decal sets.

Speaking of cataloging stuff :-) I have long wanted to actually sit
down with my decal collection and catalog all the wonderful little bits
of lettering that can be found on decal sets that are useful in many
other situations. For example I recall the decal sets for RF&P PS-1
40' box cars (from whom?) had 'watch your step' lettering that was
placed under the ladders. A nice detail, and not uncommon.

I estimate if I did this by myself I would never actually build another
model because it would take me several thousand hours to do a good job
of it.

Tim O'Connor

Anyone know of any HO or N scale decals that contain a Watch Your Step warning in white? I had a set of old Walthers with this for a caboose but naturally ruined one of the decals. Many of the decal providers don't have photos.
I think some of the Microscale decal sets have this. This was common wording above the pilot steps on many locomotives.

Sure would be nice to have an ALPS printer, or something like it (that can print white), to whip up something like this when you need it.

Arved Grass
Fleming Island, Florida

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