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Those are the 106's, right?

I bought a brass version (MTS?) in HO, after I talked to a local water treatment guy who told me industries/water treatment plants could not store that much liquefied gas, so the small tanks were handy to unload with a small crane onto a dolly and roll into the facility after unloading, and hook up where they needed to treat the water (I don't know if that was secondary or tertiary). Seems like they could be useful to a range of industries requiring small tanks liquefied gas, whatever it was, as long as it was naaaasty. The silver paint on the tanks was presumably for keeping then cooler, like some of the insulated tanks were?

Manufacturers of liquefied chlorine were indeed Diamond, Penn Salt, and others that also used the big 105's.

Now I wish I had a decal set...


Elden Gatwood

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In the process of thumbing through the Train Shed CYC #12 "Tank Cars
1922-1943" that came in the mail today there were several images of
the tank cars built by AC&F and General American Type TMU. Most are
listed for the handling of Liquid Chlorine but one entry says,
"Liquid Chlorine, Sulphur, etc." These cars were equipped to carry up
to fifteen 1.5 ton dismountable tanks. I had noticed these cars in
the other THC volume and thought them interesting. Today I Googled
Liquid Chlorine to try to understand why these specialized cars were
used for its transport. It is a powerful "oxidizing agent." Owners
shown were Columbia Alkali Corp., (CACX), Penn. Salt Mfg. (SMX), and
Electro Bleaching Gas Co. (EBG).

Curious if someone can explain why they used the small tanks to
handle Liquid Chlorine? This seems like a good project for Funaro &
Camerlengo or brass. Thoughts?

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