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what does the miles turn out to be via Wab AA GBW ...

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Charles, you may want to recalculate the distance. The newer Ford plant in Seattle along the Duwamish River was evidently built 1930-1932.

WAB AA GBW CBW NP gives 2538 which is almost 200 over the target:

WAB Dearborn Milan 33
AA Milan Boat Landing 261
AA Ferry Boat Landing Kewaunee -
KGBW Kewaunee Green Bay 37
GBW Green Bay E. Winona 212
CBQ E. Winona St. Paul 103
NP St. Paul Seattle 1892
Total 2538


As I said in the post, I would be more careful with the details at Dearborn and Seattle and around/through Chicago if there were multiple routes within a few tens of miles of the target. The point I was trying to make was that NONE of the routes that go first to Ohio, or even through Chicago, are within 120 miles or so of the target. Plus or minus five to ten miles in Seattle will not alter that...


Charles Hostetler

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