Re: LV twin hopper question

Tim O'Connor

David, definitely not just renumbered from 20501-21000. Both series
exist in the 1959 ORER, almost 750 cars. The 25500-25939 series cars
are 1935 cuft, while the 20501-21000 cars are 1822 cuft. There's also
a 25000-25499 series at 1860 cuft.

All three series also exist in 1955, but interestingly the two series
of higher cuft cars both declined pretty dramatically from 1955 to 1959
while the 20501-21000 series held steady.

Tim O'
LV 25000s were the typical anthracite fishbelly twin, but this one either got new sides somewhere along the way or got renumbered from the 20501-21000 series. Built in the '30s either way.

David Thompson

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