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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Clark Propst wrote:
I’ve drawn a blank on two box cars I’d like to model if possible.
SP 103374 102100-103597
GN 45114 45000-46999
Would appreciate any help, photos.
I can send you photos and info on the SP class off line, if you like. The number group you mention constitutes the first 1500 cars of a 4500-car class, SP's B-50-28, built by Pullman-Standard in 1950. The car you mention had an Equipco handbrake, diagonal=panel roof, Morton running board, ASF A-3 trucks, and 7-foot Youngstown doors. Ends were 3/4 Improved Dreadnaught with the skinny top rectangular rib, and the cars were just 10 feet inside height. There is a Sunshine kit for this class, or it can be readily kitbashed from a C&BT Shops kit.

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