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I would suspect that you could go back to Micheal's, read the caution information on the label to find out what's in there then go to a hardware or paint store and get something that will do the job for a lot less money.
Example: Fingernail polish remover = acetone.

Ken Olson

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I have two of the underframes, and I've heard that Bestine rubber cement thinner is the best way to clean the waxy residue off. I've been trying to think of other ways to clean them... and finally broke down and went to Michael's yesterday to pick up some Bestine. But... it was $17 a pint! I'm thinking this may be my only chance I'll ever use Bestine... But I was willing to spend maybe $5, not $17. What other methods work for cleaning Shapeways parts prior to gluing/painting?

Dean Payne

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