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According to Ted Culotta in his book on the 1932 cars the KCS absorbed the
L&A in 1939 at which point the old logo became replaced with the KCS logo.
I would guess a number of cars would have the old logo but any re-paints
prior to 1954 will have received the KCS logo. I model 1958 so my L&A cars
will have to be very rusty and dirty to retain the original logo, but I will
stretch the credulity anyway.

Barry Bennett

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Atlas has done a version of the L&A ARA 1932 car with both L&A and KCS
heralds. The KCS version is available, with a reweigh of 56. I model 54. What
year would the KCS claim ownership of the L&A by repainting with their
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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