Re: Wabash War Emergency Hopper Cars

Rob Adams


The wood side cars have been out for several years (they were the
original version produced by Proto 2000) and discussed many times on
this list. Yes, they are accurate, and accurate for your era. Steel
sheathing of the Wabash cars began later. Consult those WRHS resources
- at least two issues of The Banner include information about Wabash
open hoppers, and one includes information about the Proto 2000 model if
I recall correctly.

Looks like four numbers is what modelers are going to get, but the
numbers could easily be changed to yield more. How well the lettering
replicates Wabash prototype is in the eye of the beholder. The cars
should have a Miner power hand brake.

Here's the link to Walthers page:



Rob Adams

On 2/25/13 11:09 PM, wabash2813 wrote:

Are the woodsided cars now available from Walthers dead on? How many
different car numbers do we get, just four? I model the early 1950s.

Victor Baird
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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