Re: ORER help - Georgia Railroad

Larry Kline

From the July 1964 ORER (all steel box cars):

29903-29448 3012 cu ft 50 tons 57 cars
39301-39447 2926 cu ft 40 tons 57 cars

49300-49449 not listed

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA
Justin May wrote:
Would any one with early 1960s ORERs lend a hand in
assisting me determine what car numbers remained in 1960 through 1965.
I have exhausted all of my resources, as well as those of other
modelers in the area, so I am turning to the collective knowledge of
the list for assistance. Please pardon the duplicate postings to
several freight car lists, however, my era spans the years of all of
them apparently (and exceeds that of the STMFC by a pinch).

Thank you for any assistance you can provide and it is greatly

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