Re: War emergency composite hoppers

John Riddell

Walt asked --

Would you happen to know if any of this locomotive coal made it east to
Montreal, or did all their bituminous come up from Nova Scotia?. I model CN (
Montreal area) in 1959 and have a fair collection of U.S. anthracite

As of 1913 coal from Nova Scotia mines supplied all Canadian railways east of a line from Cornwall, Ontario to LaChute, Quebec.
Imported coal from the US supplied Canadian railways from Cornwall/LaChute west to approximately North Battleford, Saskatoon and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
Canadian railway needs west of Saskatoon/Moose Jaw were supplied by the numerous coal mines in Alberta and British Columbia.

The vast coal deposits in the Canadian west and east were too distant to economically ship coal to southern Ontario.
Both the CNR and CPR owned coal mines in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Hence coal hoppers of L&N, C&O, B&O, IC, PRR, Virginian, Wabash etc. were commonly seen in southern Ontario, but not in the east or west..

John Riddell

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