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I'm not sure that all of these are converted hoppers, as I received a tip
from Mike Del Vecchio that some of Lackawanna's USRA DS boxcars also got
converted into TOFC flats.
DL&W 16000-16035 -- built from the USRA-like (Tichy) flat cars

DL&W 16100-16313 -- built from four-pocket, former-B&M coal hoppers

DL&W 16400-16449 -- bult from three-pocket DL&W coal hoppers

DL&W 16499-16699 -- built from Magor / ACF wooden boxcars in the
46000-series, ala the Sunshine kit. A few USRA fishbelly boxcar underframes
were found on a string of cars that survived until about 1990, with remnants
of the USRA boxcar number series.

Now, these conversions from hoppers seem a little unbelievable, and they are.
All the railroad did was save the centersills, draft gear and bolsters and
built flatcars on top of that with new steel. The boxcar conversions kept a
lot of the original floor-and-crossbearer assemblies.

Lackawanna's car shops at Keyser Valley was a world class operation in its
heyday. It was turning steam locomotive tenders into cabooses and snowplows,
wood boxcars into flangers and steel boxcars, built wooden cabooses from
scratch, old cars into piggyback flats (its last major freight project),
converted the open vestibule 1910-era steam-hauled passenger cars into m.u.
trailer cars, some of which are still running today on tourist lines.


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