For Mike Brock - Invisible text 1

Jack Burgess <jack@...>


I'm cc'ing you at your home e-mail address so that you can compare results.

Gathering data to try and figure out this problem:

- I see my whole message and some other members do but some other members
don't (including you as I recall)
- It is happening on the STMFC list but apparent not on my Yosemite Valley
Yahoo chat list (no one has brought it up on that list)
- My messages appear invisible to some. But the whole message is visible (to
me at least) if one goes to the Yahoo STMFC site.
- This wasn't happening prior to about a month ago. But I'm using the same
e-mail program (Outlook) as I have for years. Since my messages appear
complete on the Yahoo site, it seems that the problem is somewhere else. But
the problem isn't happening with messages from others.
- I've looked at the coding at the start of messages on the Yahoo site and
compared them to messages which I sent out yesterday to my YVRR group and
everything looks similar except that the one that I looked at from the YVRR
list didn't have these last two lines:

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

However, I don't think that is part of the problem.

- This message is being sent as Plain Text. That should not be a factor.
However, it is the simplest form. I tend to, however, send messages as Rich
Text. I'll be trying that also.
- When this happened a couple of weeks ago, it was a reply to another post
as was this newest problem. I "fixed" it at that time, I think, by
copy/pasting my text into a new message.

As soon as this message appears on the STMFC list, I'll reply to it and see
if that changes anything.

Let me know if you can see all of this message on the chat list.


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