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As Mr Christie points out, the RPI site has a photo of a 58000 series gon with a script herald (go to Gons, 40-foot steel, and IIRC ten panels). The picture shows a re-weigh date of '52.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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I believe we are speaking of the New Haven's #58000 amd #59000 series Class GA-2 gons here. Can't say that I have ever seen a photo of one with the script herald. The #58000 series cars carried the "New Haven" written out on the sides and all went through a rebuilding program by the International Railway Car Co. in 1955 and 1956. When returned they carried numbers in the #59000 series and the red "N" above the red "H" in the 2nd and 3rd panels from the right.

New Haven surviving Class GA-3 gons went through much the same, if not the same, program in this same time period, losing their four drop bottom doors and gaining a new floor in the process. Like the
GA-2's, they were renumbered from the #60000 - #61249 series into the #61000 series and acquired the same McGinnis paint. In both cases I think application of the script herald is doubtful at best or at least exceedingly rare.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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In the Harrisburg book, p 192, is a photo of NH 58012 dated 3/23/47. It has plain "NEW HAVEN" lettering, no script herald.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Prior to 1955 the 58000 GA-2 just had New Haven spelled out on the sides.. This class was sold to International car rebuilding and was returned to the New Haven in late 1955 as a 59000 with the Red/Orange NH on the side... I can find no photos of a script herald applied prior to 1955... Hope this helps..

G A "Jerry" Golembowski
Grandy, NC

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Would anyone know what year the "New York, New Haven and Hartford" Script lettering was added to GA-2 Gondola's ? What Years did just "NEW HAVEN" appear on the car sides? I am building one of the F&C GA-2 Flat Bottom kits and there are Photos, but not the years the lettering was used? The Script lettering instruction sheet photo has a Re-weigh date of 11-54. It looks like the " NEW HAVEN" lettering came before the Script version? I want to know if One or Both Versions were in use in the Late 1940's?


Eric Thur

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