L&N USRA open hopper details

Rob Adams

I have an old Intermountain (O scale) USRA hopper kit decorated for L&N
86354 with a re-weigh stencil of 3-38. The model has large reporting
marks which I understand probably lasted well into the 40's. The July
1937 ORER shows 1997 hopper cars of 1880 cu ft in series 86000-87999.
It looks like the L&N also had other series with those dimensions and cu
ft, so it seems likely it would be a representative L&N hopper in the
early to mid 1940's.

I'm looking for guidance from members with L&N freight car knowledge on
the following:

1. How accurate was the paint and lettering on this particular run of
Intermountain L&N hoppers?
2. How quickly was the L&N converting its hopper fleet to AB brakes?
i.e. Should it be modeled with KD or AB brakes circa early to
3. What kind of trucks did this series of cars have?
4. What type of hand brake?
5. How many cars did the 86000-87999 series have in 1945?
6. Can you point me at a source for a photograph of these or similar
L&N hoppers from the time period?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Rob Adams
Wellman, IA

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