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Thanks Al,

I will try to check out that photo. I have a call in to Steve Funaro on another matter and weill see what light he may shed on the question as well, hav ing a number of the GA-2's on order with him.

The 1952 date, however, does not surprise me if such a paint and lettering plan were to be used at all. It would have required an expenditure for design no mattyer how small. That was far less likely to have occurred under the elder Dumaine, who died in 1951, than it was under his son, Frederic C. "Bucky" Dumaine, Jr., who did his best to revive the New Haven after his father's death. But I wonder how many GA-2's, or even the GA-3's, might have had a script herald applied and, as I think, if it only occured between 1951 and the McGinnis disaster.

cordially, Don Valentine

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As Mr Christie points out, the RPI site has a photo of a 58000 series gon with a script herald (go to Gons, 40-foot steel, and IIRC ten panels). The picture shows a re-weigh date of '52.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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I believe we are speaking of the New Haven's #58000 amd #59000 series Class GA-2 gons here. Can't say that I have ever seen a photo of one with the script herald. The #58000 series cars carried the "New Haven" written out on the sides and all went through a rebuilding program by the International Railway Car Co. in 1955 and 1956. When returned they carried numbers in the #59000 series and the red "N" above the red "H" in the 2nd and 3rd panels from the right.

New Haven surviving Class GA-3 gons went through much the same, if not the same, program in this same time period, losing their four drop bottom doors and gaining a new floor in the process. Like the
GA-2's, they were renumbered from the #60000 - #61249 series into the #61000 series and acquired the same McGinnis paint. In both cases I think application of the script herald is doubtful at best or at least exceedingly rare.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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