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Brian, if there were only one entry a mistake might be more likely.
But there are three groups in a row with the same entries.
Under the word "trucks" there are two columns. One is headed
"No." and the other "CARD". These three groups have 40 in the
"No." column and "U.S.S. 1416" in the "Card" column.
Further car groups under the same diagram have No. 46 and CARD
E-10970. At the bottom of the page I read No. 46-A and E-11568
for the last two car groups.
And when we go from the No. 40 trucks to the No. 46 trucks, the
light weight changes from 41200 to 40600. All the No. 40 were
built 1919 and the No. 46 starts in 1921 with a batch from
Mt. Vernon Car Co.
The copy I have is cluttered with specks from too many copies but
the areas I have given you are from the better part of the page
and seem fairly clear. I cannot tell you when the page was last
Chuck Peck

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Chuck, could the "USS 1416" have read 1410? I ask because USS 1410 was the USRA pattern number for their 50-ton Andrews side frame. Likewise, 1409 was the 40-ton sideframe number and 1411 was the 70-ton version, all of the Andrews design.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV
"Freight car trucks for the prototype modeler"

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What little I can get for you from the L&N diagram is trucks
are listed as U.S.S. 1416 and handbrake as C-12998. Built by
Pressed Steel Car Co. 1919 at McKeys Rocks Pa.
Sorry I can't interpret those numbers into names. I'd like to know
as well.
Chuck Peck

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