Re: Device often seen on single sheathed house cars-what is its name?

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Door rail?
Pierre Oliver

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I am in the process of building several Speedwitch SS kits and am using brass pins to hold the strips often applied to a lower portion vertical and diagonal braces nearest the door or doors to help the door clear the bracing when they are being opened. I have failed to note what the name of this fitting is, if I have ever seen it named. My experience is that most things have a name and are not a "thing-a-ma-bob." Does this simple strip have a name?

Bill Welch
They're related to the door rub strips used on double sheathed cars to keep the door from scuffing the car siding, in the case of a single sheathed car they attach to the sheathing and angle out around the framing the door must slide past to keep the door from getting hung up. Remember, wood doors might be flush on the outside, but the door frame is exposed on the inside. so there's some edges to catch.

The ARA Standard For Outside Hung Boxcar Door drawing in the 1922 CBC calls it a "chafing strip", it's 1/4" x 1" and attached with No. 14 wood screws.


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