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Larry Sexton


The following articles should help anyone trying to model the D&H or B&O
converted cement cars from the 1930s.

D & H 40'SS Cement hopper boxcars (Tichy) - Mainline Modeler June 1994, pg

D&H 3200 series Covered 2-bay cement cars (Tichy USRA mod) - D&H
Spring-Summer 1984, pg 37-39

D&H 1700 series cement hopper-bottom boxcars (Tichy USRA model) - Mainline
Modeler Feb 1985, pg 30-33. Photos showing roof, ends and hoppers

B&O class M24 USRA 40' SS cement Cars (Tichy) - B&O Sentinel 4th Qtr 2000,
pg 21-26

Larry Sexton

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The MM article includes a photo of the roof: looks to me like a Hutchins.
(The "carlines" have that distinctive bolt toward the outer end.)

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Hello Jim;

Actually, the article by Greg Smith in Vol 2, No.1 of the B&O Modeler on
the M24 cement cars contains more information than I have seen in the
articles and photos of the D&H cars. In particular, the MM article and Tichy
kit that apparently derived from it assumed that the cars retained the
as-built Murphy XLa roof. Yet D&H converted many of their USRA boxcars to
use solid metal roofs (Viking, Hutchins or Murphy rectangular panel). Does
it make sense that they made such a change on general service boxcars but
left the original roof on bulk cement cars?

Pieter Roos

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Found a little more information.

citation: "Box Cars become Gravity-Unloading Bulk Cement Carriers",
Concrete - Cement mill Section, feb. 1935, pages 35-37.

A light treatment. D&H had 30 such cars. Serving plants at Howe's Cave
and Glenns Falls, NY. Photo of hopper doors shows them very close to

No mention of B&O converted boxcars.

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I am very curious about the D&H cement boxcar, a modified USRA single
sheathed boxcar, the familiar HO model manufactured by Tichy.

B&O had similar cars, classes M-24a and M-24b, modified in 1933,
287000-287039 series. They were first used to haul cement for new locks on
the Allegheny River, later zinc sinters and sand for Dupont. They lasted in
hopper form until 1958 or so.

Our B&O photos and information are sparce or conflicting. Perhaps some
research into the D&H experience might help. Certainly neither B&O nor D&H
invented hopper doors or hatches for their cement car programs, they bought
from vendors. Maybe the same vendors.

Can anyone point me to a D&H diagram book or diagram for this D&H car?
An emailed attachment would be welcome, pdf or jpg format would work.

Please contact me in advance. Thank you in advance.

Jim Mischke

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