Re: Model Shapeways UTLX underframe

Bruce Smith


My plan for the couplers is as follows.

Trim the end off of a #58 or similar coupler (should even work with a Sergent) by cutting parallel to the shaft, through the hole. This will get the longest shaft possible. Dress it with a file to make it smooth. locate it in the draft gear and mark for a hole. Drill said hole, probably for a 00-90 or 00-80 screw, and apply an appropriate screw. The hardest part is drilling through the shaft which is pretty hard metal.

Yes, this will result in a coupler w/o a centering spring. As Richard noted in his article, and I mentioned earlier, this seems like no big deal, since the short length of the car and the narrow draft gear box means that the coupler should be OK basically centered.

BTW, you can use the same approach to mount a coupler in the front pilot of a brass loco that came with a dummy if you want a functional coupler.

Oh, I grit blasted my underframe the other day (note the wax was already cleaned off) and it did seem to remove some of the "texture", but there are still those annoying lines from the imprecision in the build of vertical surfaces on the sides of the underframe.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL
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My underframe arrived this week. It is interesting to think about how it
was created.

Has anyone figured out how to mount a coupler in the draft gear? It won't
fit a Kadee or an Accumate.

Steve Hile


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