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Very interesting...

I think the c'52 date on the RPI site with a script herald makes sense. The reweigh date isn't very clear, but seems to be '52 or '53 to me.

The F&C instructions also include a photo with the script herald in work service X-579. The Cedar Hill reweigh date is CH 11 54. This photo is also in Bob Liljestrand's book on NH Work Equipment and states it's oxide red.

Almost all of the gondolas in the 58000- and 60000-series were converted from drop bottom to solid bottom between 1948 and 1951. It wouldn't surprise me if they received a coat of paint at the same time. During this era there was no 59000-series as that number series was populated when the 58000-series was rebuilt in 1955-56.

I think that the most likely cars to have the script herald were those rebuilt in '53 and '54, although the RPI photo shows that it might have started in '52. The Pullman Standard hoppers delivered in '43 wore Oxide Red with a small script herald when new. I don't find it a stretch that they were painting gondolas in the same scheme. The fact that we have photos of in service and work equipment confirms that at least a couple received the scheme.

What was the difference in the two rebuilds? I don't know. According to the ORER they had steel floors after they removed the drop doors in the 1948-1954 period.

Comparing the photos in Postwar Freight Car fleet (58012 in 1947, pre-rebuild), RPI (58182, post first rebuild), NH Color Guide (58141 post first rebuild, '52 reweigh in black with block lettering) and 59149 (post second rebuild) there are very subtle differences.

It appears that after the first rebuild, external tie downs were added to panels 1,3,5,7,9 (from the left) and the ends. These are missing on the post-55 rebuild, but they have a heavier top chord that also has a slight cutout on the top shord to acommodate the grabs.

The brake gear all appears to be in the same location.

Other than the floor, the F&C kit looks to be most accurate for the pre-'47 cars (which according to F&C will be released in the near future).

Adding your own tie-downs would match the '48-'55 era.

Some strip styrene to model the angled top chord would bring it in line with the post-'55 rebuild.

None of these modifications would be very difficult.

Also note that the instructions for the placement of the brake gear on the F&C instructions is incorrect. Looking at photos it's clear that the AB Valve is located on the same side and next to the reservoir.

1947 ORER
58000-58499 495 drop
60000-60649 643 drop

from RPI site ('49 ORER, I think)
58000-58499 253 solid, 242 drop
60000-60649 not reported on RPI site

1950 ORER
58000-58499 361 solid, 134 drop
60000-60498 411 solid, 82 drop
60500-60649 150 drop

1951 ORER
58000-58499 464 solid, 31 drop
60000-60498 459 solid, 34 drop
60500-60498 150 solid

Those are the only ORERs I have at hand right now. Perhaps somebody else can fill in the period from '51 to the second rebuilding in '55.

Happy modeling!

Randy Hammill
Modeling the New Haven Railroad 1946-1954
True Line Trains

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The RPI site has a pic of the script herald. I imagine using the script herald from the hopper set, from this company, would work.
Rich Christie

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In the Harrisburg book, p 192, is a photo of NH 58012 dated 3/23/47. It has plain "NEW HAVEN" lettering, no script herald.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Prior to 1955 the 58000 GA-2 just had New Haven spelled out on the sides.. This class was sold to International car rebuilding and was returned to the New Haven in late 1955 as class 59000 with the Red/Orange NH on the side... I can find no photos of a script herald applied prior to 1955... Hope this helps..

G A "Jerry" Golembowski
Grandy, NC

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Would anyone know what year the "New York, New Haven and Hartford" Script lettering was added to GA-2 Gondola's ? What Years did just "NEW HAVEN" appear on the car sides? I am building one of the F&C GA-2 Flat Bottom kits and there are Photos, but not the years the lettering was used? The Script lettering instruction sheet photo has a Re-weigh date of 11-54. It looks like the " NEW HAVEN" lettering came before the Script version? I want to know if One or Both Versions were in use in the Late 1940's?


Eric Thur

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