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Don said,
This is one tool I don't need to invest in. Waiting for a decal
to work off its backing and picking it out of the water by one end with a
good pair of tweazers has worked fine for fifty plus years. Why change now?

Hi Don,

I didn't mention that I make my own decals using an ALPS printer and Tango
Papa decal paper which is extremely thin and does its level best to fold
over on itself or wrap around whatever you grab it with.

Most of the time, once it had folded over tweezers or itself, it is almost
impossible to unfold.

And because I now have the tray, I use it for commercial decals as well.

But you are right, I coped fine with tweezers for years before I started
"rolling my own" decals.


Dave North

I've had that happen on occasion with Micro-Scale decals as well, Dave, but how many tools does one really need or have space for? If it happened with some degree of frequency I might feel differently about it.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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