Re: B&O M53


Brian Carlson wrote:

I don't have enough photos handy or the RPC that covered the B&O M53.
Did all the cars get rebuilt in the mid 1950s, Did all they all get
corrugated doors? Thanks

You maybe mixing up the B&O wagon-top box cars. There were two main
variations: the ones built using old M-15 DS box car fishbelly
underframes (M-15K, M-15L, M-15M) and those built new on Duryea
underrames (M-53, M-53a). Both variations received Youngstown doors
beginning after WWII. That was really the only improvements for the
M-53s and not considered a re-building.

However, the M-15 wagon-tops did receive a second re-building in the
mid-1950s when they received new AAR underframes replacing there former
fishbelly ones some dating to 1916. Some also received 8-ft doors.

You no doubt know the M-53 is available in styrene from two
manufacturers: Fox Valley and Exactrail and in resin from Sunshine and
F&C. The M-15 wagon-top rebuilds with fishbelly underframes are
available in resin from Sunshine and F&C. No manufacturer has offered
the M-15 version after receiving their new AAR underframes in 1955.

Various wagon-tops were offered in brass.

Bob Witt

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