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Bob Weston

I'm building a kit bought from Stan Radarowicz. This kit uses an Intermountain 1937 AAR 40' boxcar as a core and has cast resin flat roof with the 4/5 proprietary ends. I don't think Stan is on line but can be contacted by writing to him at 165 Manchester Ave., Youngstown, OH 44509-23749. An ad for this car and one with the roof only appeared in the last issue of the NKPTHS Interchange Point flyer.
Bob Weston

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Is this a resin kit? Where can you get a Pullman flat panel roof and
the carbuilder ends for the Red Caboose/IMWX car body?

Tim O'Connor

On Mar 13, 2013, at 3:42 AM, oandle wrote:

I'm building a W&LE series 24000 boxcar and I need to know what color
the Wheeling painted their boxcars. Any ideas? Thanks!
Bob Weston
WLE cars in series 24000-24199, built early 1941 by ACF (lot no. 2137)
had their sides and wood running boards painted Pittsburgh Brown. Ends,
roofs, trucks and brake parts were black. White stencils. The cars came
with 4-5 corrugated ends (not Dreadnaught), Pullman flat riveted roofs,
Youngstown doors, Equipco hand brakes, and National Type B trucks.
Roofs on ACF-built cars supplied by Pullman were unusual.

These cars were nearly identical to 24200-24501 built early 1941 by
Pullman-Standard (lot 5649). Paint specs were the same as above. This
series came with Pullman 4-5 Corrugated ends, Pullman flat riveted
roofs, Equipco hand brakes, wood running boards, and Apex brake steps.
Series 24200-24299 came with double truss spring-plankless trucks and
24300-24501 National Type B trucks. In Feb. 1944, 10 random cars
received A-3 Ride Control trucks.

According to the diagram for these cars, the span of production for all
502 cars was from January to March 1941. Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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