UTL class X Underframe from Model Shapeways

Steve and Barb Hile

I have uploaded a couple of photos to a new album on the Model Shapeways UTL
underframe to show how I resolved the issue of mounting a coupler. I found
a pair of MKD #4's in my coupler collection. There is a dimple in the shank
that I used to drill a #50 clearance hole. Then I nipped off the remainder
of the shank and shaped around the hole with a file. Then I drilled a #55
hole through the plate cast (printed?) between the sills that supports the
coupler and up through the top web. This hole was tapped 00-80 and uses the
little screws that come with the Accumate couplers. That seems to work
pretty well, but I might try to fashion a small spacer to put under the
screw head to prevent the other end from sticking up through the underframe.

It is my experience that this material is not as flexible as the resin we
are used to seeing with Sunshine and Westerfield kits. I did break one side
of the sill at the coupler pocket when pressing too hard with the drill.
Although ACC seems to hold the parts back together, it is not a fast grab
that I am used with our kit resin.

Pending moderator approval, I also uploaded a photo of a 1906 tank car (from
the 1906 CBD) that shows the five course tank, like the MDC one. I
purchased some decals from Silver Crash Car Works that should work for the
car, as built. Meaning painted red prior to about 1912. Trucks may be an
issue. I have not found any arch bar trucks with the horizontal top bar.
The model, so far, has MDC arch bar trucks.


Steve Hile

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