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Actually what I'm going to say is "Dang! I didn't know that..." I really wasn't aware (but I am not surprised) that the Pennsy was that much ahead of the curve regarding roller bearings on freight cars. As you know, most roads resisted roller bearings for the main reason that they felt that other roads would reap the benefits while they paid for the premium bearings. Maybe the PRR felt that these cars would be in mostly captive service... I know that I never saw one (except on a neighbor's Lionel train set).

Bill Daniels
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Bill writes:
...and other modern features (such as (gasp!) roller bearing trucks) were
decades in the future. My comments refer to cars of that long-gone era.


You are going to say, "dang-it, I know that" when I remind you that the
PRR shop built H33's were delivered with roller bearing journals in their

Greg Martin

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