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What ever this Rabbi was doing was just making a little money for himself. What
ever he did did nothing to make it kosher, keep it kosher or if he did not do
it, it would not loose it's kosher standing. It could become unkosher if the
door was open and some non kosher item was placed in the car. I have lived with
these people for 30 years. And believe me you do not even know what you are
talking about. Kosher is not a "blessing". It is clean, correct handling of what
ever food product you want to talk about. If you want to see unkosher, take
kosher meat and put it in a dish used for dairy. You can not get enough Rabbis
together to make it kosher again. Even if it was shipped in a 1939 meet reefer.
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Thank you
Larry Jackman

Jack Wyatt wrote:

<<From: lawrence Jackman

... So I think your "veteran Yard master was making fun of the Jewish
people. Any
car of kosher food "is kosher when loaded and it does not need any blessing
along the way. If a cow is not killed and bleed right to start, no amount of
blessing will make it kosher...>>

Of course the meat has to be slaughtered according to rituals for it to be
kosher, but apparently the blessing in route was necessary for it to stay
kosher. When people cite tariffs concerning this, there is something to it.
The blessing as described in the previous post is consistent with what I was
told by a person who was a NKP trainmaster in Chicago back during the meat
reefer era. Now what this person would joke about was taking the hose and
doing the blessing himself, whenever he couldn't find a rabbi. I never
figured out whether he was really telling me the truth or not about that.

Jack Wyatt

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