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The car pictured has a distinctive pressed steel under frame. I don't know NP equipment very well but would guess that the box cars they came from cold be the same ones that were rebuilt into bay window transfer? cabooses.
Charlie Vlk
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Bill: There were some earlier NP flat cars of 41 ft length, also rebuilt from older boxcars, that fit your description of the lettering (and possibly some had Andrews trucks). These had shallower, less massive side sills than the Central valley kit, and many had truss rod underframes. Photos are scarce, but W&R had some posted in a brochure announcing a brass project of several versions. Here's a link to RV Nixon shot with such a flat serving as a crane tender in 1962 (note at that date, no full road name, just "NP"):

As far as I know these were also used almost exclusively in NP company service (but possibly very occasionally as idler cars for long revenue loads), from about the late 1940s through the 1960s. The photo you remember might have been one of those earlier cars, but as Andy and others said, the CV kit represents a distinctive mid-1960s rebuild from a steel underframe (non-truss-rod) boxcar.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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were you aware that these company built (from box cars) were built for
non-revenue purposes?

Near absolute lack of evidence that these were ever sent off-line with an
interchanged load.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA
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A question that I have been unsuccessfully seeking an answer for a number of
years might be
more revalent now. Central Valley has recently released a model of a Northern
Pacific 41'
flat car. There is a photo of the model on CV's website. It is finished with
a late lettering scheme.
This is as per a photo that Jack Parker was kind enough to share with me some
years back. I
believe that earlier in its career this car was lettered with NORTHERN PACIFIC
spelled out and
with Andrews trucks. I would like to find a photographic evidence of this so
that i can properly
letter my car with the correct data placement.

Hopefully now that this car is on the market I can finally get an answer.

Bill Pardie

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