Re: 2nd Qtr. 2013 NYCentral Modeler Uploaded on NYCSHS Website

Schuyler Larrabee

Well, I downloaded it just fine. I got a notice that it exceeded the size
of download that Google could scan for viruses, but being the daredevil I
am, I clicked "Download anyway."

So far, so good. J


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Apparently the 2d Qtr magazine hasn't been loaded to the website yet.
Also your instructions didn't make it in your email, at least as I
received it.
Tom VanWormer
Monument CO

Noel Widdifield wrote:

The latest edition of the NYCentral Modeler has just been uploaded on
the NYCSHS website. Be sure to check this one out.

NYCSHS member Charlie Crawford's layout models the NYC Adirondack
Division of the NYCS. He has vacationed in the Adirondack Mountains
for many years starting in 1976 and he loves being there. Since he
can't be there all of the time, he created a model railroad to take
him there when he is away. Join us as he tells us about his railroad
and the interesting things he has included on his layout.

This edition features articles from Alan Bell on "A Busy Day at Albany
Station", Charlie Crawford's "NYC's Adirondack Division", another in
the series from Ron Parisi on " Manhattan's Greatest Train Yard -
NYC's 60th Street Yard", the continuation of "Modeling the NYC in
TT-Scale" by Paul Pickard, and the final in series on "Kitbashing
Steam Locomotives" by Tom Bailey.

We have included a great set of drawings and modeling instructions on
the NYC&HRRR standard stockyards. This in another in the series of
professional drawings from the "NYC Engineering Department" done by
Mauel Duran-Duran developed from one of our NYCSHS Drawing DVD's. Of
course, like his past drawings, Mauel had added considerable detail
and precision to the final product. He also gives us a little history
about a fairly unknown aspect of NYCS freight operations, livestock

In this issue we offer a new feature for the NYCentral Modeler. For
the first time we have two excellent layout drawings of Alan Bell's
layout done by recent NYCSHS member and layout drawing artist, Frank
Knight. Frank's layout drawings will be a regular offering in future

This is the largest NYCentral Modeler to date with almost 100 pages
packed with NYCS modeling information and photos. This is our eighth
edition and includes several pages of new products, new book and
magazine highlights, and letters to the editor.
Our president, Rich Stoving, in his regular column, asks us, "Who Are
You". In it, he talks about how he likes to "Model Railroad" and
reminds us of the many ways to enjoy our great hobby of modeling the NYCS.

To enjoy this edition and all of the other seven follow the
instructions below and let us know what you think.

Noel Widdifield
Editor, NYCentral Modeler
NYCBigFour@... <>

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